About the Breathworks Foundation

vidyamala-burchThe Breathworks Foundation is a fruit of the life and work of Vidyamala Burch. 

Vidyamala has lived with chronic spinal pain all her adult life due to surgeries and accidents in her teens. When she was 25 she learned to meditate and for the subsequent 30 years she has honed the skills of mindfulness and compassion to manage her pain and cultivate a rich and fulfilling life. In 2001 she decided to offer all she had learned to others. She founded Breathworks and there are now teachers offering Mindfulness-based Pain Management (MBPM) in 22 countries.

Vidyamala knows how pain and disability can eat away at financial resources. She had to give up her promising career in the NZ film industry when she was just 25 and has struggled to earn a living for most of her life. She knows that many people could benefit from the Breathworks' approach but can't afford to pay for courses and training.

The Foundation was established in part to solve this problem by providing a fundraising wing to Breathworks, so people who have some spare funds could enable people with very little funds to learn all the skills that Breathworks offers. This is very dear to Vidyamala's heart. Neither she nor the trustees of the Foundation want anyone to excluded from Breathworks simply due to costs.

Vidyamala became an Honorary Member of the Bristih Pain Society in 2018

To learn more about Vidyamala Burch please visit: https://www.vidyamala-burch.com/